Marchand Hype Station

MARCHAND Hype Station is a commercial mall located in CBD Emerald Bintaro on 3,300 m2 of land.

Adopting international design concepts from well-known commercial areas such as Paddy’s Markets in Sydney and Melbourne Hosier Lane, MARCHAND provides a recreational space for youths, families, and tourists to dine and chill, surrounded by hundreds of interactive murals and beautiful neon lighting across tenants and outdoor space, allowing visitors to take vibrant selfies at dozens of Instagram photo spots to bring home photo memorabilia that will last a lifetime.

2019 launch year
139 Bio project sales
103 Bio project value
266 total units
79.3% units sold
100% construction

Marchand Hype Station

Unit TypesUnitsLand SizeGFA SizePrice per 2022
Ruko844.1 m2117.6 m23.9-4.1 Bio
Toko Lt. 1115-3.2-7.8 m2330-864 Mio
Toko Lt. 297-3.4-7.6 m2323-714 Mio
Toko Lt. 346-3.0-26.3 m2188-982 Mio

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